Devil Ball

On each hole, one golfer's golf ball is called the "devil ball".
The golfers rotate as the devil ball player: Golfer A on Hole 1, B on 2, C on 3, D on 4, back to A on Hole 5 and so on.

On every hole, two scores are added together to form the team score:
The score of the golfer playing the devil ball;
And the low score (a k a the best ball) among the other three golfers on the team.

So on Hole 1, let's say the scores are 5 for Golfer A, 5 for B, 4 for C and 6 for D. The team score is 9: Golfer A is the playing the devil ball on Hole 1, so his score must count; and Golfer C's 4 is the low score among the other three golfers.

This round is used for handicap purposes and you must record a score for every hole.

You may pick up your ball if you have reached (or will reach) your maximum 'ESC' score AND your partners has a better net score(s) than your projected net score. Record your 'likely' complete score if you pick up.

You may not pick up you are the 'Devil Ball' Player.